Rebecca Cabral, MA, Ph.D, LCCE, CCCE

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Childbirth is an amazing, heroic journey.  Prepare for it!  Whether this is your first birth or your fifth, you owe it to yourself and your baby to get the best preparation you can.  Surround yourself with people who see childbirth as a natural, healthy, transformative experience.  Challenge your beliefs, expectations, and concerns.  Learn all you can about evidence-based maternity care practices.  Practice relaxation, meditation, and coping skills that will carry you through any type of birth situation.  Seek guidance and support from a birth mentor or doula.  Develop and nurture the strong, confident parent within!

Over 25 years of experience in birth education and support

Meet Rebecca

I am a psychologist and health educator. Mom of three and grandmother of two. I am passionate about helping women get the kind of emotional, cognitive, informational, and skills preparation they need to have the best birth experience possible. Why do you need a psychologist to mentor you during this birth, whether it is your first or fifth?


I provide childbirth education services to parents in the Metro Atlanta Area. Choose from a full childbirth preparation series or mix and match topics according to your needs.


Labor at Home or in the Hospital?

Providers now define active labor as six centimeters cervical dilation and encourage low risk women to labor at home during early labor.  This is because when women are admitted to the hospital when their cervix is only three or four centimeters

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 Evidence on Fetal Monitoring During Labor 

by Rebecca Dekker, Ph.D, RN of 

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