Rebecca Cabral, MA, Ph.D, LCCE, CCCE

I have spent my professional career studying the best ways to educate and empower people to choose and implement healthy behaviors.  Health behavior choices, whether starting an exercise program, learning to play tennis, running a 5K race, hiking the Appalachian trail, or birthing a baby require education, skills development, and psychological preparation.  Through my own experiences birthing three babies, I learned the value of careful preparation for each birth.  My goal is to help parents with all aspects of that preparation. Because childbirth is a journey, often with unpredictable  challenges and unforeseen hurdles, it is not enough to read up on medical facts and procedures.  Equally important is the personal and psychological preparation that helps develop resilience and confidence.   The guidance of an experienced, supportive mentor is critical.  I have been educating and supporting parents in labor and birth since 1994.  

My professional training and experience:  Lamaze, CAPPA, Birthing From Within, Evidence Based Birth, Embrace Refugee Birth Support