I offer two types of childbirth preparation courses.  A comprehensive six-class series, from pregnancy health to postpartum, for first-time parents and a four-class series for parents seeking a low tech and/or unmedicated birth.  I teach 1-4 parents/couples through Zoom Conferencing or in-person. All classes are scheduled at the best dates and times for your schedule.  The final class is a face to face meeting.

I also offer Mini Classes (2-3 hours) on specific topics.  You can mix and match according to your interests.  If you need a refresher, I can meet with you to review labor coping skills and relaxation techniques.  I also have a new class on the use of kinesthetic “contraction beads” during labor—check it out! 

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Childbirth Preparation Courses

BirthPrep360 Complete

This six-class series is ideal for first time parents, covering prenatal health, normal birth, obstetric and neonatal interventions, newborn care and feeding, and postpartum recovery.  If you are not sure if you want a home birth or hospital birth, natural or medical birth, this class is for you.  Explore your options and develop a birth plan.

Kopa Birth Prepared Childbirth

Kopa Birth® classes use an integrative approach to labor and delivery. The combination of coping skills presented during each course – mindfulness techniques, meditation techniques, breathing techniques, movement and labor positions, and pressure techniques – equip women and partners to confidently approach and move through labor. The goal for each class is to provide a rich toolbox so women and partner may engage with labor in the healthiest way possible.

Mini Classes

Using Contraction Beads in Labor

Using contraction beads you will learn to combine multiple sensory and cognitive modalities to manage and time 60 second contractions during labor. Breathing and mindfully meditating using this tactile focal point can induce a self-hypnotic state during early and active labor.

Coping with Labor: Pros and Cons of Medical Methods

What are the benefits and risk of nitrous oxide, narcotics, and epidurals? How are babies affected by pain medications? What is the “cascade of interventions”? Learn how to improve your satisfaction with the pain management method you choose.

A pregnant woman doing a breathing exercise with an exercise ball

Coping with Labor: Critical Skills to Master

Master the proven relaxation and breathing techniques, movement options, and comfort strategies needed to handle labor with confidence. Hone your muscle memory and increase self efficacy.

Close-up of IV and Epidural machine with man looking at pregnant wife lying on bed in hospital

All About Labor Induction

What are the pros and cons of labor induction before 42 weeks gestation? What are the common cervical ripening methods? Do you know your Bishop Score? Should you consent to amniotomy? What are the most effective nonmedical methods of labor induction?

Mother holding newborn baby with older child in hospital. First meeting of older brother child with younger sister new born baby. Family first moments of bonding. The first and second child together

Not My First Rodeo

Develop strategies to improve your birth experience this time around.

Happy pregnant woman talking with doctor

How to Make Decisions About Hospital Interventions

What do you say when your provider recommends an obstetric intervention or procedure? Learn the questions to ask that will get you information you can use. Practice provider communication skills.

newly born baby in the hospital

Breastfeeding Crash Course

Basics and tips for a positive experience feeding your baby.