Your Perception Holds the Key

When your perceptions shift, the story of your birth shifts. You have the power to transform your perceptions and open yourself to a new world view. Birth is a series of objective biochemical, physiological, and anatomical processes that unfold over time. Hormones trigger contractions. The muscle fibers in the uterus pull the cervix open and push the baby down. What will you do with these objective facts? Celebrate your opportunity to participate in and help facilitate this miraculous biological process? Dread the ordeal and fight every contraction? Rush to medical technology to deliver you from having to experience the process? What language do you and those around you voice when you talk about birth: fear, dread, power, get it over with, work with contractions, anxiety, amazement, strength, trying not to think about it?  It is important to do the psychological work of examining the early messages you received about how to view childbirth.  With sensitive mentoring you can challenge the cultural narrative and negative stories.  Learn the information you need.  Practice the skills.  Then enter the unfolding process with curiosity, mindfulness, and confidence.  Childbirth is hard work— but you can do it!

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